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RPS is an international consultancy providing advice upon:

Upcoming Conferences and Workshops:

Dr. Eric Comerma will be presenting at Delft Software Days on Nov. 2nd, Netherlands. Click here to learn about Eric’s presentation.

Dr. Matt Horn will be attending the Railroad Environmental Conference. More information.

Dr. Nathan Vinhateiro will be attending the 2015 Rising Seas Summit. More information.

Eoin Howlett will be presenting at ESRI Ocean GIS Forum on 4-6 November in Redlands, California, USA. Click here to learn about Eoin’s presentations.

Dr. Deborah French McCay, Nicole Mulanaphy and Jill Rowe will be conducting a workshop at 2015 Clean Gulf. Click here to learn more about the workshop and RPS’s booth.


Attend our monthly FREE webinars. NOVEMBER 17th: Oil Spill Modeling – Addressing Challenging Environments


The Environmental Data Server is another flagship product available for download through these products

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