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Modeling Services for Shell Canada Energy

The RPS Rhode Island office was contracted to provide support and modeling services for the Shell Shelburne Basin Exploration Drilling Program in the NW Atlantic Ocean, offshore Nova Scotia. Several analyses included portions of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), a Net Environmental Benefits Analysis (NEBA), and a Risk Assessment (RA). Related to the EIA, both accidental and operational discharges were modeled. In the NEBA, both surface and subsurface dispersant applications were modeled to determine the likely effects.

The trajectory and fate of hypothetical crude oil releases were modeled from deep-water blowouts using RPS’ model systems OILMAP Deep™ and SIMAP™ using both stochastic and deterministic approaches. The goal was to determine the range of expected effects in the event of a release for the EIA. The effects of surface and subsurface dispersant applications were also modeled and comparisons between dispersant mediated and unmitigated cases were used to inform the NEBA

RPS also modeled accidental and operational drilling discharges from exploratory drilling using another proprietary modeling solution, MUDMAP™. This modeling assessed seabed depositions and total suspended solid concentrations in the water column and were included in the EIA.

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